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Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls 'Tahrir for All Egyptians' Friday March
Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls 'Tahrir for All Egyptians' Friday March
Egypt’s coalition of parties and movements opposed to the military coup calls all Egyptians to rally in a huge non-violent march Friday, October 11.
Friday, October 11,2013 01:54

The anti-coup, pro-democracy national coalition issued the following statement urging all citizens to participate positively in "Tahrir for All Egyptians" million-man march Friday, October 11:

October 6 was truly a day of Revolution, a day on which the Revolution surrounded the coup and revealed how false it really is, painting the features of the putschists’ defeat clearly.

Despite the great loss of the lives of our faithful martyrs, the coup’s violence, brutality and barbarism cannot hide the putschists’ confusion and defeat.

God bless the Revolution’s heroes, their steadfastness and their peaceful struggle. May God accept our martyrs and grant our wounded a speedy recovery… Amen.

On the anniversary of the victory over the Zionist state, we together with every patriotic Egyptian were shocked by the shameful transformation that has occurred on the Egyptian Army’s doctrine.

The army’s weapons used to be trained on the enemies, Zionist aggressors. The Egyptian army doctrine was a source of pride for every Egyptian. Unfortunately, the army’s weapons are now raised in the faces of the sons and daughters of this homeland. Officers and soldiers now do not hesitate to kill their brothers, their fellow Egyptians. What a shame and what true dishonor is that inflicted on the great army of Egypt!

We cannot overlook the role played by the imams of delusion and sedition who incite the army and police against the masses of the Egyptian people, claiming that every opponent of the coup is a rebel who can be executed on the spot, and even declaring that killing them deserves a good reward. They say nothing but utter lies and profligate enormities.

This illegitimate coup is intent on tearing the very fabric of the homeland. While dancers were shaking their bodies to disgustingly vulgar songs, in memory of a great military victory, they were in effect dancing on the dead bodies of their brothers and sisters who were being slaughtered in cold blood on the outskirts of the same Tahrir Square.

We ask the coup commanders and collaborators: wasn’t everyone invited to attend the celebration? How can you dance merrily with a section of the people of Egypt, while killing another? Have you no remaining sense of shame, so you openly say you came only to tear to pieces this homeland according to your own whims and sick desires?

Yes, it was a day of Revolution, of revolutionary men and women of all ages. The Revolution mobilized the great masses of its supporters, in all parts of Egypt, while the coup with all the force of weapons and the power of military-controlled media failed to rally the people around it in the alleged celebration of October 6 victory.

Only a small number of people did gather with the putschists throughout the country. The people of Egypt have come to realize the falsity of this celebration and that it is far removed from the celebration of the anniversary of the great October victory and the great honorable men of the October army.

The people knew that the putschists’ celebration is nothing but a fake demonstration in support of the coup leaders and criminals, so they shunned them and their shame, in a great gesture from a great nation.

In fact, the putschists could not hold their main celebrations amid the masses of the Egyptian people. They resorted to total secrecy, in military barracks, as if under siege. This is evidence of the severe alienation experienced by the coup leaders.

All the super stars of deceit and false glamor, who always entertain leaders of every tyrannical repressive regime, could not eliminate the anxiety and shame engraved in the faces of the coup generals and collaborators whose hollow laughter and empty words could not mask the treachery in their eyes and the dismal failure printed on their faces.

Even more shame was being piled onto the coup commanders as their forces attacked unarmed demonstrators with barbarism and brutality, killing them in cold blood with live bullets in the heart and the head, even though those protesters came out peacefully chanting, expressing their views against the coup, its repression and tyranny.

Adding to the grief and sorrow was a spineless lack of manly chivalry in coup forces who did not hesitate to attack chaste women protesters, in a scene Egypt never witnessed in its long history. Something that has always been rejected by the ethics and traditions of Egyptians.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance is heartened by the signs of victory that appeared clearly on the horizon on that great day, and exhorts the masses of the Egyptian people to come out in "Tahrir for All Egyptians" million-man march Friday, October 11 in Tahrir Square, so the whole world can see that the Egyptian people reject division, refuse to discriminate between citizens, and refuse that a piece of Egyptian land is exclusively reserved for one section of the people, excluding another.

The Alliance further exhorts the masses of demonstrators not to respond to provocations, no matter how or by whom, whether military, police or mobs of thugs that shamefully assist coup forces.

We ask God Almighty to preserve the lives of all Egyptians, and stop the bloodshed, as they do their duty in the peaceful struggle.

We ask God to grant Egyptians victory and bless them with liberty and dignity in their homeland... Amen.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: October 9, 2013


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