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'Journalists for Reform' Movement Condemns Attacks on Journalists in Iconic Tahrir Square
'Journalists for Reform' Movement Condemns Attacks on Journalists in Iconic Tahrir Square
Yet again, journalists doing their professional duties are brutally attacked, beaten, humiliated and detained, by the putschists’ security forces, in Egypt’s liberation square – Tahrir.
Wednesday, October 2,2013 20:45

A statement issued by the 'Journalists For Reform' (JFR) movement condemns coup security forces’ assault on journalists and media professionals while carrying out their duties in Tahrir Square Tuesday covering a demonstration of youths opposed to the coup who were out to show support for constitutional legitimacy.

JFR further condemns forces that threatened and terrorized journalist Ms Heba Gharib, and arrested another journalist after beating him, then detained him in Qasr Al-Nil police station. JFR said that the coup proves every day that it is clearly a bitter enemy of the press and the media in Egypt, and that it is relentless in its hatred of any professional attempt to convey the truth.

JFR further demanded that the Press Syndicate board should play an important role to face these repeated crimes, not to keep quiet about the systematic crimes against members of the Fourth Estate by an illegitimate regime and brutal forces that violate the law, and to work for the release of the journalist detained in Qasr Al-Nil police station.

JFR paid tribute to revolutionary youth who insisted on descending on Tahrir Square, rejecting waves of fear and terror raised by the coup’s media henchmen, asserting the rights to freedom, democracy and respect for the will of the people, as well as the need for the army to head back to its barracks.

In conclusion, JFR expressed deepest appreciation to the Knights of the truth, who relayed the protest scene and reported excesses of the coup’s security forces to the whole world, telling the truth notwithstanding the putschists’ bullets and terrorism.

Cairo: October 2, 2013

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