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Anti-Coup National Alliance: Youth are Pillar of Revolution, Homeland and Future
Anti-Coup National Alliance: Youth are Pillar of Revolution, Homeland and Future
Egypt’s coalition of parties opposed to the coup calls all citizens to positively participate in a peaceful Friday (September 20) protest and a whole week of demonstrations under the banner 'Youth are The Pillar of The Revolution'.
Friday, September 20,2013 05:16

 The anti-coup, pro-democracy coalition has issued the following statement describing Egyptian youths as the heart and soul of the Revolution and the homeland’s hope for a bright future:

Youth are the heart and soul of the Revolution...

Youth are the hope of the Revolution…

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls the masses of the Egyptian people to participate positively in a whole week of non-violent protest activities under the banner "Youth are The Pillar of The Revolution", starting with a million-man march on Friday, September 20 in all provinces, cities and villages of Egypt. This coincides with the return of students to universities and other educational institutions for the beginning of a new academic year.

Young people have always been the wellspring, the heart and soul of the revolution and the hope of the homeland’s future.

Since the beginning of the January 25 (2011) Revolution, youths have given and sacrificed the most for the sake of this homeland, for its progress, freedom and dignity.

Egypt's youths are still keeping the covenant they made with their nation and their homeland, until God gives them what they aspire to, until they reap the fruit of their hard work and their sacrifices, and until they earn victory for their Revolution.

May God save Egypt's youth and always guide them to do the best for their homeland.

Come out... Join the masses.. Participate peacefully, positively!
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