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Anti-Coup National Alliance Condemns State Terrorism, Threats to Kerdasa Town
Anti-Coup National Alliance Condemns State Terrorism, Threats to Kerdasa Town
Doing their worst to drag Egypt to civil war, the putschists send hired thugs to attack a police station and a church, then accuse Islamists of the violence, and now their media henchmen are preparing the scene for a Delga-style military operation.
Thursday, September 19,2013 07:02

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Kerdasa town (Giza Governorate) denounces repeated media ‘leaks’ claiming the military coup’s terrorist forces are to launch attacks on the town for its steadfast rejection of the coup and its solid support for constitutional legitimacy.

The Alliance points that the extremist security measures used in dealing with opponents of the coup will not work and will not solve the ongoing coup crises, but will ignite the people’s anger against military rule.

It affirms that Kerdasa rejects injustice, with all peacefulness, and that it will not meet violence with violence, but will continue peaceful resistance to the lying murderous coup.

The Alliance asserts that, from the moment of the criminal attack on the police station by thugs from outside the town, Kerdasa residents condemned it as an act of violence.

It further stresses that incitement against the town, using the Muslim Brotherhood again in the demonization campaign, has been proven as baseless lies.

The Alliance reaffirms that Kerdasa is a peaceful town, and that it requires officials working for the homeland to give it all the support they can to help it progress, instead of fighting its people and threatening to kill them and to terrorize their children. The Alliance underscores that the situation is now calm, but the media ‘leaks’ are highly dubious and suspicious.
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