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FJP’s Darrag Condemns Attack on Coup Interior Minister; Asserts: Our Activities Peaceful
FJP’s Darrag Condemns Attack on Coup Interior Minister; Asserts: Our Activities Peaceful
An assassination attempt can go a long way to justify a bigger wave of state-sponsored terror against all those opposed to the bloody, traitorous coup.
Thursday, September 5,2013 15:50

 Dr. Amr Darrag, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, who resigned just after the July 3 coup, strongly condemned the assassination attempt on the putschists’ interior minister.

"We, at the Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy National Alliance, assure beyond doubt that all our activities are peaceful, in support of democratic and constitutional legitimacy and rejection of the coup."

In a telephone call to satellite TV channel "Al-Jazeera Egypt- Live", Dr. Darrag stressed that today’s incident rings warning bells, and is certainly reason for deep concern and fear, whatever our differences with him, and whoever is responsible for the attack.

"Setting up a violent incident like this to frame Islamist parties and groups is a heinous, traitorous endeavor... Use of violence will only hurt those who commit violence."

Dr. Darrag affirmed that "channels of dialogue should be opened with everyone to take our country out of the current impasse.

This homeland’s patriotic citizens must search for real solutions to take it back to where we were before the coup... There were never any invitations or calls from the Military Council to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for participation in the drafting of the putschists’ constitution "
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