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FJP’s Farid Ismail Arrested; Murad Ali Mistreated in Prison
FJP’s Farid Ismail Arrested; Murad Ali Mistreated in Prison
While Egypt’s military putschists and their figurehead government assure commitment to establishing the rule of law, they wield the scepter of tyranny and repression, rather than the sword of justice, over the heads of all Egyptians.
Monday, September 2,2013 01:14

The coup commanders’ security agencies arrested Dr. Farid Ismail, an Anti-Coup Alliance leader and member of the Executive Bureau of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), at his home in Zagazig, at dawn on Sunday.

Earlier, the coup's security forces raided the homes of a number of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP in Sharqiya Saturday, and arrested Alaa Masoud, member of the Administrative Office of the Muslim Brotherhood in the north of Sharqiya Province.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Ali, the son of Dr. Murad Ali – the FJP’s Media Secretary, said: "They did not give my father his high pressure medication, nor any water to drink, for two days, amid totally inhumane treatment.

In a statement, Ali added that his father is being held in solitary confinement cells where there is no ventilation, and where the only source of light is a dim light-bulb that is causing him eyesight problems.

Ali further said that, nevertheless, his father urges protesters not to waver, weaken or hesitate, but to protest daily, because "injustice will not last".

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