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Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP: Ministry of Interior Facing Peaceful Protests with Violence
Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP: Ministry of Interior Facing Peaceful Protests with Violence
Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party condemns hostile media campaign drumming up violence against Friday’s peaceful protesters.
Friday, August 30,2013 02:58

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the largest party bloc in the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, reiterated its commitment to peacefulness and its continued solidarity with the people's revolution against the coup to reclaim the gains of the January 25 Revolution.

In a ‘phone call to Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel, Dr. Khaled Hanafi, FJP Secretary in Cairo, said that the Egyptian people are pushing forth with all peaceful mass demonstrations, "Whatever the arbitrary arrests against party and political leaders, they will not affect the progress of the peaceful revolution, which is truly a people’s revolution".

Meanwhile, a Muslim Brotherhood source said there is nothing new in the Ministry of Interior’s threats to confront unarmed, peaceful protesters with live ammunition, and described the Ministry’s accusations as “inaccurate, as usual”.

Earlier, the Egyptian Interior Ministry warned demonstrators who intend to participate today (Friday) in demonstrations called by the National Alliance of resorting to violence, saying they will face protesters "firmly and forcefully… in accordance with legal procedures" including the use of live ammunition.

The Brotherhood source added: "It is not strange that the military-installed Interior Ministry repeatedly violates rights of expression, assembly and demonstration amid false charges that demonize and dehumanize peaceful demonstrators. It is possible that its forces will face peaceful unarmed protesters with violence".

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