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Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Obama Speech Cancelling Egypt Bright Star Drills
Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Obama Speech Cancelling Egypt Bright Star Drills
Brotherhood spokesman Aref affirms the US was involved in July 3 coup and is now trying a different role in Egypt.
Friday, August 16,2013 07:28

In a press statement regarding Obama's latest speech, in which he announced cancellation of the Bright Star joint Egyptian-American military exercises, Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said:

1 – The US played a prominent part in the July 3 traitorous military coup in Egypt. Now attempts are being made to exchange roles on the international stage.

2 - The Egyptian army should do its constitutional duty, including drills, exercises, guarding the homeland’s borders, and fighting enemies. It should not be tasked with political missions, taking care of the coup commander’s private interests, or even being sent to liberty squares and streets to fight fake wars against its own unarmed people demonized by the putschists’ media henchmen in a relentless vicious campaign.

3 - Egyptians alone will make the world respect their word. They alone shall impose their will and defeat the bloody military coup.

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