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ACA Press Release Regarding Meeting With EU Representative Catherine Ashton
ACA Press Release Regarding Meeting With EU Representative Catherine Ashton
(Cairo, July 29, 2013)- A delegation from the Anti-Coup Pro-democracy Alliance met today with European Union Representative Catherine Ashton.
Tuesday, July 30,2013 10:51

 The delegation affirmed the following:

•   Its condemnation of the military coup and the demand for constitutional legitimacy.

•   A political handling of the crisis must be through serious proposals based on a platform of, and stemming from, constitutional legitimacy.

•   The return of the president is the basis of the solution.

•   A refusal of the coup, and the voiding of its effects on the Egyptian people.

•   The immediate cessation of exterminations, killings and detentions by the leaders of the bloody military coup.

The Alliance affirms that the Egyptian people will not leave the streets and squares until constitutional legitimacy is restored, and the nation regains its true path.
The Alliance also announced its complete welcome of visits by international human rights organizations to its various sit-ins. It also affirmed the completely peaceful nature of its activities, in contrast with repeated lies and all false accusations aimed at peaceful protestors.
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