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Egypt Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Statement Detailing Tuesday's Events
Egypt Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Statement Detailing Tuesday's Events
Pro-democracy coalition of national parties, groups and movements calls on all Egyptians to join ‘Coup Martyrs’ Tuesday
Tuesday, July 30,2013 10:43

 The Egyptian people did not expect coup authorities and apparatus to be so vicious and bloody-minded as they proved to be. As soon as the coup commander claimed a fake authorization from a fake crowd, his repressive forces started brutally spilling the blood of Egyptians.

Just before dawn on Saturday (July 27) coup henchmen committed yet another massacre against humanity, killing nearly 150 martyrs and wounding 4,500 peaceful protesters, with dozens critically wounded with live bullets in the head and chest.

The criminals who committed this latest massacre were nothing but officers of the Interior Ministry, hired thugs and State Security snipers positioned on top of Al-Azhar University buildings.

Hundreds more were killed and injured, victims and martyrs of other massacres at Qaeed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria, and other locations.

Therefore, the Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup National Alliance calls on the masses of the Egyptian people to rise in anger, but in peaceful protest, against the spilling of blood of the innocent unarmed Egyptians.

Every citizen should come out to the public squares and streets in all provinces, cities and villages of Egypt, to complete the peaceful Revolution against the brutal coup, against the methods of repression and terror adopted and vengefully applied by the leaders, masterminds of this heinous, traitorous coup.

Everyone should positively participate in the ‘Coup Martyrs’ million-man march on Tuesday, July 30.
This huge rally’s events are as follows:

• A peaceful women’s march (with coffins), at noon, from Nour Mosque to the Ministry of Defense.

• A peaceful women’s march (with coffins), at noon, from Nahda Square to foreign embassies.

• A peaceful march (with coffins), at noon, from Al-Fateh Mosque to Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square.

• A ‘Students Against The Coup’ rally and a photo gallery (showing photos of the massacre) at the Unknown Soldier Memorial in Nasr Street, at 4PM (local Cairo time).

• Prayers for martyrs of Rabaa Al-Adaweya massacre, at the Unknown Soldier Memorial in Nasr Street, at 5PM (local Cairo time).

• A press conference for the families of the martyrs, to be also attended by public figures, at the Unknown Soldier Memorial in Nasr Street, at 5PM (local Cairo time).

• A tent will be set up for the martyr’s families to receive condolences for martyrs of Rabaa Al-Adaweya massacre at 10PM (local Cairo time) at the intersection of Youssef Abbas Street with Autostrade Avenue.

God save Egypt, its people and its army from the wicked deeds of some of its leaders.

God Bless Egypt…
Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup National Alliance
Cairo: July 29, 2013
tags: Revolution / Anti-Coup / Martyrs / Coup / Egyptian People / Peaceful Protesters / Nahda Square
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