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Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Number 41 Announces Monday's Activities
Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Number 41 Announces Monday's Activities
Today's activities, and tomorrow's million person march "Martyrs of the Coup".
Monday, July 29,2013 06:51

The Anti-Coup National Alliance announces today (Monday)'s activities:

    •    Marches - with coffins - to security administration buildings in all Egyptian provinces after 'Isha (night) prayers, to condemn the criminal acts and the firing of live ammunition by Interior Ministry henchmen at peaceful demonstrators.

    •    Setting up a tent, at the intersection of Youssef Abbas St with the Autostrade, for martyrs' families to accept condolences from the Egyptian people, Egypt's national symbols and all public figures.  This will be for martyrs of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya (Unknown Soldier Memorial and the raised state) massacres, and will be kept there for three consecutive days.

We also call for a million person march under the banner of 'Martyrs of the Coup' on Tuesday:

We call on the great Egyptian people, from all factions, sects and denominations, who refuse the military coup, and all Egyptian families, to come out into the streets and public squares, to reclaim their freedom and dignity, which are being usurped by the bloody coup, and to wrest the rights of the martyrs assassinated by its bullets.

Locations will be announced later.

Anti-Coup National Alliance


July 29, 2013


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