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Muslim Brotherhood Denies Any Negotiations with Army
Muslim Brotherhood Denies Any Negotiations with Army
Muslim Brotherhood rejects as utter lies media ‘reports’ claiming it is negotiating with military commanders ending demonstrations and sit-ins before the so-called army ultimatum.
Friday, July 26,2013 05:45

 In an official statement issued in the early hours of ‘Overturning The Coup’ Friday, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denied deliberate disinformation published in private media about alleged negotiations with the military coup generals.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dr. Ahmed Arif, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said: "There is absolutely no truth in fabricated fables published by (state-run) 'Al-Ahram' news gateway a short while ago about mediation efforts or negotiations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military coup commanders to stop peaceful protest marches and sit-ins.

"The issue is clear and unambiguous: the military coup and all unconstitutional processes and actions must be reversed, and Egypt must return to democratic legitimacy."

Dr. Aref added, "The Brotherhood is an integral part of the 'Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup Alliance'. Our position is the same as all Egyptians determined to reject the return of police state despotism and repression. There is no way the people will abandon the gains of the January 25 Revolution."
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