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Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement on Utter Lies Published in Ahram Newspaper
Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement on Utter Lies Published in Ahram Newspaper
State-owned national newspaper Al-Ahram publishes false news and misinformation claiming President Morsi has been charged with various crimes later denied by authorities.
Monday, July 22,2013 09:13

 In a new misinformation scandal, Al-Ahram newspaper published on its entire first page news that Egypt’s Public Prosecutor ordered the imprisonment of kidnapped President Mohamed Morsi, the legitimate president of Egypt, for fifteen days on charges of spying and calling for riots, violence and other lies.

Thus, this newspaper has proved that it works on strict orders of the Intelligence Service and the National Security Agency.

This news is nothing more than a report prepared by these two agencies. No wonder, though, since this newspaper is run by the so-called transitional regime. It obeys orders from bloody coup lackeys.

Publication of this false news is meant to intimidate the masses of our people that have arisen in support of the return of legitimacy, especially the reinstatement of President Morsi after releasing him from the grip of his criminal kidnappers who are still keeping him incommunicado at an undisclosed location for rejecting and condemning the military coup regime.

The publication of this news is also intended to distract public opinion away from the international press conference that President Morsi’s family is scheduled to hold tomorrow (July 23) at 12:30PM (Cairo local time) at the Engineers Syndicate.

We are confident that the free and alert Egyptian people will not be affected by this false news, but will boost their revolution and be more determined to uphold the legitimacy and the return of the President to his legitimate office.

We invite everyone, in all provinces, cities and villages, to redouble efforts and escalate activities in order to achieve this goal, in order to liberate the country from the grip of military rule, the bloody killer commanders and collaborators.

Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy National Alliance
Cairo: July 22, 2013
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