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FJP Secretary-General Ibrahim: Killing Mansoura Rally Women Evidence of Coup Madness
FJP Secretary-General Ibrahim: Killing Mansoura Rally Women Evidence of Coup Madness
In a new sign that anti-coup mass marches are rattling the putschists, the army and police use paid thugs and mercenaries to attack a women’s rally in Mansoura, killing and injuring hundreds.
Saturday, July 20,2013 18:40

Hussein Ibrahim, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary-General, at the end of 'Break the Coup' events, condemned the killing of 4 women and injuring of over 200 others with live ammunition and gas bombs in the city of Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate.

"This clearly shows that the coup commanders have lost their senses after thundering millions of Egyptian people gathered in all public squares across Egypt to reject the coup and support the legitimacy of elected President Mohamed Morsi.

"The people have succeeded in breaking the coup, which will end soon with people regaining their freedom, their free will and their sovereignty.

Ibrahim concluded with a prayer for the dead and injured and their families, "May God accept our honorable martyrs and grant their families strength, patience and fortitude. We pray for a speedy recovery for all the injured".

Earlier, medical reports confirmed that Islam Abdel-Ghani, 38 years, died of a gunshot wound to the head; Hala Abu-Sheasha, 20, of asphyxia after inhaling poisonous tear gas, and Amal Metwalli Farahat, 45, of a gunshot wound in the abdomen.

Reports affirm that 4 women were killed in attacks by thugs on the women’s anti-coup pro-Morsi mass march, in Egypt’s Nile Delta city, where mobs of hired thugs protected by the police used guns, birdshot, bladed weapons and attack dogs to kill and injure hundreds of unarmed women and girls in a peaceful protest march.


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