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Egypt Provinces Mass in Cairo in 'ProDemocracy, AntiCoup' Friday Peaceful Protests
Egypt Provinces Mass in Cairo in 'ProDemocracy, AntiCoup' Friday Peaceful Protests
Supporters of President Morsi and constitutional legitimacy plan a million-man march and rally in Cairo tomorrow (Friday July 12).
Thursday, July 11,2013 19:49

The 'National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy' (NASEL), dedicated to resistance to the military coup in Egypt, appealed to the great masses of Egyptian people to march to Cairo on Friday, July 12 to participate in a million-man march and rally to restore dignity and the Revolution, and so the free Egyptian people announce their slogan 'Together against the bloody military coup'.

In preparation for Friday’s mass rally and march, officials at Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square’s main stage have put up a new banner, saying "ProDemocracy, AntiCoup" in colors of the Egyptian flag (red, white and black) instead of the older banner that said "National Alliance... We protect the Revolution".

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