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Dozens of Pro-Morsi Protesters Killed by Military Coup Live Bullets
Dozens of Pro-Morsi Protesters Killed by Military Coup Live Bullets
With thousands already killed and injured by military coup authorities and security apparatus, the greatest majority of whom are pro-Morsi peaceful protesters, the illegitimate regime has no claim to restraint or democracy.
Monday, July 8,2013 06:18

Ahmed Mefreh, human rights activist at Karama Centre, Cairo, said: “The number of people killed since the military coup has exceeded thirty, most of them in Alexandria, and over 1800 citizens have been injured, most of them supporters of President Morsi.

In related developments, the funeral of the martyr Ezzat Abdel-Rahman, the son of Dr. Ezzat Sabri – a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Giza, was held Sunday. He died from gunshot wounds in the chest in Maspero clashes that erupted on Friday July 5.

On Friday also, Mohamed Khairy Gamil, political activist and member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Fayoum, died on October Bridge, in marches defending democratic legitimacy and calling for reinstatement of President Mohamed Morsi, where he was shot by thugs who attacked the peaceful march as it headed to the Maspero (main state TV) building.

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