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Muslim Brotherhood: Prosecution of Supporters Reminds of Mubarak Repressive Regime
Muslim Brotherhood: Prosecution of Supporters Reminds of Mubarak Repressive Regime
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie expresses relentless determination and resolve to defeat the treacherous, ruinous coup in Egypt, despite the waves of vengeful persecution by authorities.
Sunday, July 7,2013 20:22

In a statement Sunday, Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said: "The illegitimate coup regime’s continued ‘security’ campaigns call to mind Mubarak regime repression, with authorities arresting Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail, MP Mohamed Al-Omda, as well as the former Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni and Dr. Rashad Bayoumi, Deputy Chairman of the Brotherhood.

"Coup authorities persist in their criminal activities and say that there is a long list of arrests waiting for honorable citizens of this homeland."

Dr. Badie added, "This barbarism refutes the corrupt coup regime’s false slogans of commitment to and respect for democracy and human rights. Nevertheless, the will of the people will remain high above the will of the coup conspirators.

"God is the Omnipotent, but most people do not know."

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