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190 Supporters of Democratic Legitimacy Injured, Brotherhood Property Demolished
190 Supporters of Democratic Legitimacy Injured, Brotherhood Property Demolished
In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, yet more pro-democracy, pro-Morsi supporters fall dead and injured at the hands of post-coup security forces.
Thursday, July 4,2013 22:19

Dr. Lutfi Abdel-Samie, general manager of Kafr El-Sheikh General Hospital, announced that a high number of peaceful demonstrators were injured as a result of a violent attack on supporters of democratic legitimacy, with 150 of injuries caused by brutal beatings and live ammunition, and 40 more serious cases were taken to a military hospital, where surgical operations were conducted on 6 of them.

He added that causes included live ammunition, birdshot, bladed weapons, violent beatings and stones.

Thugs also attacked, looted and ransacked a number of Muslim Brotherhood homes and properties, including a children's hospital and a clinic owned by Dr. Mohamed Fouad Abdel-Magid, one of the first generation leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another mob of thugs laid siege to the home of Abdullah Mosbah, a Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader and Kafr El-Sheikh’s vice-chairman, whose injuries included a serious wound to the head.

Thugs stormed and smashed the contents of the Directorate of Health Affairs, at the center of Kafr El-Sheikh city. They smashed up the office of the Ministry of Health Undersecretary and all the doors in the building, as well as a number of electric and electronic devices, looting the Regional Centre for Blood Transfusion Services, which then had to stop working.


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