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FJP: Rebel, Salvation Front Militias behind Killing of Muslim Brotherhood Shalakany in Fayoum
FJP: Rebel, Salvation Front Militias behind Killing of Muslim Brotherhood Shalakany in Fayoum
The FJP mourns a Brotherhood member who died Saturday from gunshot wounds after being attacked by opposition thugs last week in Egypt’s central Fayoum governorate.
Monday, June 24,2013 18:47

Mohamed Al-Shalakany, 35, a father of four and a tourism industry worker, died of his wounds Saturday. He was shot and badly injured by National Salvation Front (NSF) and Rebel movement thugs as he walked in a peaceful march in support of President Mohamed Morsi, in Fayoum.

Hussein Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said: "My sincere condolences to the family and the people of Fayoum’s martyr Mohamed Shalakany, who died today of wounds sustained as Rebel and NSF militias and thugs targeted him with birdshots during unfortunate events in Fayoum.

"Shalakany’s blood will remain a curse on all those political parties, groups and movements that give political cover to violence and make alliances with thugs and criminals, putting their hands in the hands of murderers still stained with the pure blood of revolutionaries."

The FJP Secretary-General further said, "The right of the martyrs will not be wasted in vain. Indeed, the unjust and the corrupt will soon enough find out what God has prepared for them, as God says in the Quran (26:227)".

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