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Muslim Brotherhood: Democracy Falters, Even Fails if Minority Persistently Flouts Popular Will
Muslim Brotherhood: Democracy Falters, Even Fails if Minority Persistently Flouts Popular Will
If a fascist few are allowed to disrupt and undermine the elected leader’s rule, a neo-nascent democracy may well lose its footing, to be promptly replaced with an abhorrent, repressive dictatorship.
Wednesday, June 19,2013 08:58

Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, warned against what he described as the return of dictatorship, if society fails to retain a minimum level of respectful consideration and appreciation for the opinion of the leader chosen by popular will – no matter what differences may exist between involved parties.

"If the minority, whatever it is, failed to implement laws passed by the majority, whatever camp it belongs to; if the minority met the majority opinion with the most obscene criticism and skepticism; and if this situation continues, so whenever any camp is elected to lead its views and actions are deliberately vilified and ridiculed, democracy would be stifled, even extinguished, especially if it is a neo-nascent one.

"In that case, oppressive dictatorship is bound to make a comeback, especially if the people lose confidence in political process, parties, institutions and leaders, newspapers, radio stations, satellite channels and programs, and life became a matter of rumors, lies and allegations, if past tyranny is the destination and ultimate solution."

The Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman added, "Disrupting and deliberately delaying the rebuilding of State institutions and unreasonably prolonging the transitional phase leads people to despair and frustration."

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