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Freedom and Justice Party: Treacherous Plot of Persistent Repeated Rumors Continues
Freedom and Justice Party: Treacherous Plot of Persistent Repeated Rumors Continues
Dozens of the ousted regime’s top officials and cronies finance and fuel a determined, desperate plot to topple Egypt’s first elected President.
Saturday, June 15,2013 12:53
In a press statement, Ayman Abdel-Ghani, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Youth Secretary, said: "There are difficulties facing progress and renaissance in Egypt, as dozens belonging to the bygone regime fund some media institutions to thwart President Mohamed Morsi’s efforts, and show as if he achieved nothing during the year of his term in office.

"These old regime holdovers are doing their worst to demonize terms such as 'Nahda' (renaissance) and 'Ikhwanization' (Brotherhoodization), through a systematic series of rumors, in the hope that repeating their lies will make people believe eventually."

The Youth Secretary pointed that these individuals plotting against the institution of the presidency are constantly trying to raise the ceiling of demands, ignoring the President’s achievements, using the same corrupt mechanisms they used before the January 25 Revolution.
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