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FJP Leader Heshmat: ‘Rebel' Savagery Reflects Confused Thinking, Political Bankruptcy
FJP Leader Heshmat: ‘Rebel' Savagery Reflects Confused Thinking, Political Bankruptcy
As if being founded on a fully flawed concept, against state law and constitution, is not absurd enough, Rebel movement shows its sinister nature by attacking people’s homes and smashing up their cars.
Saturday, June 8,2013 15:00

 In a press statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, member of the Shura Council (Egypt’s Upper House) and member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s National Committee, stressed that Rebel’s violence and savagery reflect only irrational thinking and political bankruptcy.

Following the attack on his family home Friday afternoon, Dr. Heshmat said: "I suddenly found a group of hired thugs, no more than fifty, from several parties that I believe have nothing with politics, shouting out obscenities and vile insults. Then, not satisfied with verbal violence, they broke down the door of the block-of-flats where I live and smashed up a number of cars parked outside, without provocation and for no apparent reason.

"I know none of the attackers, but I may have helped the father of one of them. What seems clear is that some people are boiling with hatred and rancor – the biggest signs of failure. They even partner with thuggery and savagery in so-called coalitions and alliances. This is the model they want to apply on June 30.

"Such acts of violence show inadequate, illogical thinking which can reap only failure. As for the security response, we called the police and security immediately as the attack started. But, unfortunately, the response was weak, arriving after a full hour. I believe that if they arrived sooner, there would’ve been much less damage and terror."
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