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Muslim Brotherhood: June 22 Regular Meeting, Not Connected with Political Events
Muslim Brotherhood: June 22 Regular Meeting, Not Connected with Political Events
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council is to hold a regular meeting on Saturday, June 22, where it discusses several important issues and events.
Tuesday, June 4,2013 20:43

In a statement Tuesday, Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said: "Forthcoming June 22 meeting is held in accordance with the Brotherhood’s normal annual schedule, and has nothing to do with any specific political events.

"The Guidance Bureau called for the meeting, which is convened every 6 months, unrelated to any particular political or other issues or events. Certainly, the meeting has nothing to do with calls to overthrow the elected President on June 30.

Dr. Aref added that, "The meeting will address a number of issues which will be announced in due course. According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Rules of Procedure, the group’s Shura Council convenes at the invitation of its Chairman (the General Guide) twice a year – the first in the month of Safar (Hijri Calendar), and the second in the month of Shaaban."

The agenda for each meeting is prepared by the Guidance Bureau. A Brotherhood Shura Council meeting continues until the end of business as per set agenda. Nevertheless, the Council has the right to exclude or postpone any issues from the topics included in the agenda as it sees fit. A new topic can be added to a meeting’s agenda if it is raised by ten members of the group’s Shura Council.

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