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Muslim Brotherhood: Official and Popular Diplomacy Will Resolve Any Water Crisis
Muslim Brotherhood: Official and Popular Diplomacy Will Resolve Any Water Crisis
After decades of neglect by successive governments, Egypt’s African relations need to be deepened and boosted for mutual benefits, especially as water crises loom for several countries.
Wednesday, May 29,2013 08:02

 In a press statement, Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman, said: "Nile basin water countries was for long neglected, until the end of 2010 when attempts were made to grab Egypt's natural and historic share of water, and Zionists attempted to lure some African countries to sell Nile water, in order to turn water into a commodity and a tool to put an economic stranglehold on Egypt.

"The construction of dams and other river facilities here or there is only a manifestation of that policy."

The Brotherhood media spokesman added that, "Real success now lies in circumventing this strategy, claiming neighborhood rights, providing a package of joint development projects, and to prepare policies of containment based on reciprocal equality, away from the language of arrogance and marginalization. Egypt is 96% dependent on the Nile, while Ethiopia benefits from the Nile water by only 2%.

"There must be strong formal diplomacy backed by popular diplomacy involving all Egyptian parties, associations, groups and stakeholders, including the Egyptian Church – which should do its national role with its spiritual extension to the Ethiopian Church and its impact on Ethiopia's decision-making."

Aref pointed that, “River Nile is shared by ten countries. But Egypt has lost a lot of political weight through the lean years long before the revolution. It must regain its regional leadership and maintain with all valor its national security, with water security at the top of its priority list.

“May God protect Egypt, its people and River Nile from all evil."
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