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FJP: Constitutional Court Recommendation for Military Voting Rights Questionable
FJP: Constitutional Court Recommendation for Military Voting Rights Questionable
The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, expresses deep concerns and strong reservations about the Constitutional Court’s proposition to lift the traditional ban on military and police voting in legislative elections.
Monday, May 27,2013 14:42

 In a press statement Sunday, Dr. Murad Ali, media adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said: "The Constitutional Court’s decision to allow military participation in elections raises many question marks.

"It seems there are individuals who insist on dragging the army and police into the political conflict no matter what the consequences or the cost."

"Is it desirable now to force political polarization into military units? Is there any sane person who accepts that electoral politics and propaganda should be exercised in army barracks? Is it acceptable that police or army officers should get involved in the electoral campaign of one party or another?"

The FJP’s media adviser said that Egypt’s army and police forces should remain neutral, and not forced into the political arena: "The army has a vital task, a sacred mission. It is just not right to distract its men with political involvement."
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