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FJP Leader Heshmat: Desperate Attempts to Overthrow Elected President Will Fail
FJP Leader Heshmat: Desperate Attempts to Overthrow Elected President Will Fail
While FJP leader Heshmat condemns illegitimate endeavors to oust Egypt’s President, elected only months ago, he reaffirms the country’s need for strong and effective opposition.
Sunday, May 26,2013 20:15

At a conference in Mahmudiya, north of Beheira province, the birthplace of Imam Hassan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood group and movement), Dr. Gamal Heshmat, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee, said: "Former regime beneficiaries are by no means few. They strive with all their strength and resources to topple the new president, but they will certainly fail.

"We must recognize that there is a prevalent network of corruption, led by certain judges and police officers who benefited from the ousted regime and seek to bring it back."

On the emergence of the 'Rebel' movement in Egypt, Dr. Heshmat said he was happy for this being the beginning of a dialogue, in the street, pointing that even if they collected millions of signatures, it would all come to nothing, because the whole idea, as well as the movement itself, is unconstitutional.

The FJP leader further underlined the need for a strong opposition in Egypt, pointing that: "A Cabinet will be formed by the majority of the forthcoming House of Representatives, and the President of Egypt will not have the authority to dismiss the Prime Minister. Now, those who perform well stay on; while those who underperform have to go.

"All those trying to create chaos and confusion, attacking institutions and spreading rumors to stir up trouble among the people, are far from patriotic. I can tell them: Your heinous attempts are doomed to ignominious failure."

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