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Giza FJP Youth Conference: We Seek Common Grounds with Other Parties, Stakeholders
Giza FJP Youth Conference: We Seek Common Grounds with Other Parties, Stakeholders
Lauded for their innovation, creativity and great achievements in the FJP’s Together We Build Egypt community-service campaign, FJP youths are determined to forge new and fruitful relations with other parties, groups and movements.
Sunday, May 26,2013 16:20

During the first conference of youth leaders in Giza, Dr. Helmi Al-Gazzar, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Giza, said that "FJP youth gave a very good example that can be followed in all governorates across Egypt, as their accomplishments, excellence and innovation in the 'Together we build Egypt' campaign have been truly remarkable.

"Far from being complacent, we must identify any weaknesses and address them effectively."

For his part, Mahmoud Amer, Assistant Secretary-General of the FJP in Giza, explained that "In the next phase, we will seek, with all our resources, to communicate with all movements, parties and stakeholders, without exception, in order to best serve the interests of our homeland."

Meanwhile, Mohamed Safwat, Secretary of FJP Youth, made ​​a presentation of youth vision with regard to political communication in coming months, saying that he is "working on common grounds shared between us and other parties, to cooperate in matters we agree upon, tolerating one another when we disagree, in order to achieve the interests of the homeland and all citizens.

"We must strengthen dialogue based on principles of pluralism. The FJP adopts common youth initiatives in order to rise with the homeland, as it engages, integrates and activates local and international partners."

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