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Beltagy: Freeing Sinai Hostages Beats Bad Bets by Opposition Against Egypt Government
Beltagy: Freeing Sinai Hostages Beats Bad Bets by Opposition Against Egypt Government
After losing their bets on bloody strife between government institutions, opposition forces should respond positively to the President's call for national dialogue.
Saturday, May 25,2013 15:10

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau, said: "I sincerely congratulate the Egyptian people on the freeing of abducted soldiers in the Sinai without any bloodshed, and with harmony, respect and integration with the people of Sinai.

"We insist on removing all manifestations of past injustices in Sinai, in order to ensure national cohesion on every inch of Egyptian land."

In a press statement, Dr. Beltagy added: "Bad bets on internal bloody strife among state institutions, or between those and the people of the Sinai – or even between the people of Egypt and the people of occupied Palestine have miserably failed. I congratulate all government institutions for achieving the goal without succumbing to pressure or blackmail by those who never put the national interest above political rivalry.

"I do hope everyone – including the majority and the opposition – would take the President's call for dialogue seriously. Let this be a real opportunity to overcome and correct past mistakes."

Earlier, certain hostile Egyptian media launched a campaign of accusations against Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, betting on a bloodbath in confrontations between Sinai tribes and state institutions. Then, news of freeing the abducted soldiers turned those calculations upside down – according to local news reports.

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