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MB Statements
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Pays Tribute to All Who Helped Free Kidnapped Soldiers in Sinai
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Pays Tribute to All Who Helped Free Kidnapped Soldiers in Sinai
Hailing the peaceful end to the hostage incident in Sinai, the Brotherhood urges greater endeavors for development of the whole region.
Thursday, May 23,2013 14:09

In a press statement, the Muslim Brotherhood said: "We are pleased for the peaceful release of our soldiers who were kidnapped in the Sinai. We congratulate the Egyptian people, especially the freed soldiers and their families.

“We offer our sincere thanks and congratulations to President Morsi, the supreme commander of the armed forces, for his wisdom, patience and courage in handling this serious issue without spilling a drop of blood.

"We further extend our sincere congratulations and thanks to all those who contributed to the safe release of our soldiers – the Armed Forces, the Police, Intelligence, tribal elders, the people of Sinai and executive and popular leadership – who made sincere and successful efforts to rescue the soldiers and serve the interests of the country, its security and safety."

The Muslim Brotherhood urged all officials and the whole Egyptian society to take a fresh look at the Sinai Peninsula, and work on reconstruction and development of the region, with an eye to achieving its potential and solving its problems, in support of Nahda (renaissance) project for Egypt, aiming for real progress and advancement, as well as maintaining the country’s national security.

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