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FJP: Salvation Front Lost Credibility by Refusing Dialogue in Abducted Soldiers Crisis
FJP: Salvation Front Lost Credibility by Refusing Dialogue in Abducted Soldiers Crisis
Closing every door of cooperation or dialogue, of positively contributing to solving the homeland’s crises, certain opposition parties wasted yet another opportunity to engage in debate when President Morsi invited them to discuss the Sinai challenge.
Wednesday, May 22,2013 22:13

In a press statement, Dr. Murad Ali, media adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said: "We hope minority parties – members of the National Salvation Front (NSF) – that failed to respond to President Morsi’s invitation and refused to cooperate with him for the release of soldiers abducted in Sinai, would review their positions.

"Democracy requires that such a minority should cooperate with the government, and not refrain from extending a helping hand, especially in a national crisis.

"The NSF has lost much due to its recent positions that appear to be determined attempts to destroy the President even at the expense of the suffering of ordinary citizens."


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