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Tue927 2022

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Muslim Brotherhood Denies Intervention or Mediation in Kidnapped Sinai Security Personnel
Muslim Brotherhood Denies Intervention or Mediation in Kidnapped Sinai Security Personnel
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood spokesman says claims that President Morsi asked for Brothers to intervene to resolve Security personnel crisis are totally baseless.
Sunday, May 19,2013 08:00

Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman, denied news reports circulating in Egyptian media that claim Egyptian President Morsi asked some members of the Brotherhood to negotiate with the kidnappers of seven security operatives in Sinai, saying: "This news is totally false".

Earlier, certain media reported ‘news’ about communications between the Presidency and the Brotherhood office in northern Sinai, claiming the President asked for the group’s help in talking with the abductors of the Sinai security personnel.

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