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Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Has Prepared Ambitious, Workable Electoral Platform
Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Has Prepared Ambitious, Workable Electoral Platform
FJP chief Katatni announces a powerful and practical program for action, for a strong and efficient government, should the FJP win a parliamentary majority in forthcoming elections.
Saturday, May 11,2013 19:45

During a meeting with members of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in the Warraq district, Giza Governorate, Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, FJP Chairman, stressed that the Egyptian people will not accept a return to violations and assaults by some policemen like in the pre-revolution era, condemning an alleged physical and verbal attack by an officer on an Egyptian citizen at Shubra Police Department.

Dr. Katatni said security system reform is a top priority for the FJP, which is keen to support the police to maintain security and dignity of citizens and not to terrorize, intimidate or humiliate them.

Katatni added that the FJP has prepared an ambitious and feasible electoral platform for the government after elections to the House of Representatives, taking into account the nature of the transitional stage and the economic situation after the revolution.

The FJP program also aims at developing and attracting serious investments through a new investment plan and a package of economic legislation to take advantage of all resources now available, and which were confined before the revolution to a handful of Mubarak’s cronies.

Dr. Katatni affirmed that democratization will only be successful through stability; and stability will only be achieved through justice, which requires independence of the judiciary. He pointed that the FJP was keen on independence of the judiciary, its members and leaders, and that at the same time the FJP will not allow any authority to encroach upon any other, including the judiciary.

Dr. Katatni went on, saying: "Egypt and its political leadership is moving with determination and sincerity towards opening up to the international community with an excellent policy based on equality and mutual respect, putting an end to the era of subservience.

"Egypt’s relationship with Iran is about ‘strong’ Iran and not ‘expansionist’ Iran. Egyptian people are alert and enlightened. Egypt will not convert to Shia Islam. It will continue to be a leader of Sunni Islam. Anyone promoting the opposite is simply working for electoral purposes at the expense of the higher interests of Egypt."

On another issue, Dr. Katatni said: "We did not escape from prison, and we were not imprisoned. We were abducted and thrown in jail. Then, we walked out of Wadi Natrun prison directly to Tahrir Square to join the revolution. We did not go to our homes.

"I send a message to our Arab brothers: Those who fear our revolution, we tell them that the January 25 revolution is a purely Egyptian revolution and cannot be exported."


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