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Freedom and Justice Party: Israeli Violations Threaten Middle East Stability
Freedom and Justice Party: Israeli Violations Threaten Middle East Stability
As irresponsible Israeli acts of aggression – both in occupied Palestine and neighboring countries – escalate, rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity, the FJP reaffirms that such flagrant violations are by no means conducive to peace in the region.
Friday, May 10,2013 14:42

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) condemned repeated Israeli aggressions on Al-Aqsa Mosque and violations of all laws and norms that guarantee freedom of belief and worship.

In a press statement, the FJP denounced ill-considered Israeli practices, including the latest airstrikes against Syria, the storming of Muslims’ holy Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli extremists – accompanied and protected by the Israeli police force, assaults against Muslim worshiper who were locked outside their mosque, and the arrest of the Mufti of Jerusalem for his dutiful response to the storming of the holy mosque, as well as the announcement by the government of Israel of plans to build new housing units in the occupied territories despite United Nations resolutions that explicitly and clearly calls a halt to settlement activity.

The FJP statement further said, "These continuing aggressive practices undermine all efforts that seek to establish peace in the Middle East and is stark challenge to mediation endeavors and international laws.

"The FJP holds Israel responsible for the inevitable deterioration of stability in the Middle East as a result of these repeated provocations and an inescapable end to Israel’s aggressive practices against the peoples of the region.

"The FJP calls on Arab and Muslim countries to launch a number of measures to stop this aggression, and calls upon the international community to take clear positions to ensure the protection of holy sites and the freedom of worship as guaranteed by human rights conventions and the United Nations Charter and resolutions."

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