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Freedom and Justice Party: Israeli Aggression Against Syria Must Be Urgently Addressed
Freedom and Justice Party: Israeli Aggression Against Syria Must Be Urgently Addressed
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, condemns Israeli violations of Syrian sovereignty whenever and however it wishes, and calls for an end to bloodshed in the country.
Monday, May 6,2013 18:03

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) received with great shock news of the latest ruthless aggression on Syria, and strongly condemned the latest Israeli airstrikes and raids on Syrian territory, which is a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty, notwithstanding the FJP’s differences with the current Syrian regime.

The FJP warned of the seriousness of the worsening of the situation in the region in the wake of these unjustified attacks, and renewed its support for the Syrian people against any aggression targeting its security and resources, whether from internal enemies or foreign ones.

The FJP further called on all leaders, rulers and Arabs to stand united in solidarity against these brutal attacks, and to pursue quick and effective solutions to resolve the Syrian crisis and to restore to the Syrian people full freedom and dignity.

Moreover, the FJP stressed that it condemns any attacks on any Arab country, and called on the international community to take responsibility for the repeated Israeli violations against the Arab peoples and territorial sovereignty.

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