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Shura Presser Tuesday Announces Resolutions and Recommendations on Syria, Palestine
Shura Presser Tuesday Announces Resolutions and Recommendations on Syria, Palestine
Egypt Upper House holds special Syria, Palestine session Tuesday, followed by a press conference to declare resulting decisions and suggestions.
Monday, May 6,2013 15:49

In a press statement on Monday, Ridha Fahmi, head of the Arab and Foreign Affairs and National Security Committee at Egypt’s Shura Council, said: "On Tuesday, lawmakers will discuss the implications of the Israeli raids on Syrian territory. These airstrikes are flagrant violations of international laws and principles. Any Israeli aggression on Syria is completely unacceptable.

"Tuesday’s Shura session will discuss reports suggesting that the Arab League has accepted exchanges of land between Israel and occupied Palestine. After the meeting, a press conference will be held to announce resulting decisions and recommendations."

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