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FJP’s Ibrahim: We Extend Our Hand to All in Order to Build Egypt Homeland
FJP’s Ibrahim: We Extend Our Hand to All in Order to Build Egypt Homeland
The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, seeks to cooperate with all Egyptians so as to achieve needed progress and development.
Sunday, May 5,2013 14:52

 During the first general conference of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Damietta, FJP Secretary-General Hussein Ibrahim said: "There is neither rivalry nor hostility between the FJP and Egypt’s judiciary. The FJP is determined to achieve independence for judges. In 2006, the Muslim Brotherhood went out in protest demanding the independence of judges and supporting Egypt's honorable judges who refused injustice, persecution and tyranny. Today, we call upon the judiciary not to politicize judicial rulings.

"The Muslim Brotherhood participated in the January Revolution since the first day, and on January 28, thirty-four Brotherhood leaders were arrested, including President Mohamed Morsi."

Dr. Ibrahim expressed hope the FJP would do well in upcoming legislative elections, saying: "We extend our hand to all in order to build the homeland and to fully achieve the goals of the revolution. We reject all attempts to control the Egyptian people’s will.

"The FJP has nothing to do with the forthcoming government reshuffle and governor changes. This matter is entirely in the hands of the presidency and the Cabinet, who choose new ministers on the basis of capability and merit. This Cabinet is only temporary. It will most probably be completely changed after elections to the new House of Representatives."

He further added that communications between the FJP and Nour Party were not interrupted. He expressed an understanding of the fears of Nour Party of the developing relationship with Iran. At the same time, he assured that relations with Iran have no religious bearings.

"Sunni Islam in Egypt is a matter of national security. We protect it jealously. Relations between Egypt and Iran are merely a reciprocal relationship based on mutual interests."
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