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President Morsi Meets with Egyptian Judicial Agencies; Calls Justice Conference
President Morsi Meets with Egyptian Judicial Agencies; Calls Justice Conference
Seeking to remove all obstacles to achieving justice, Egyptian President Morsi agrees with top judges to convene a ‘Justice Conference’ at the Presidency.
Monday, April 29,2013 12:48

 President Mohamed Morsi met with heads of Egypt’s top judicial bodies Sunday. For nearly 3 hours, they discussed the judiciary’s concerns, views and visions for a new justice system.

The President expressed full appreciation of the judiciary and all its agencies and judges, and praised the idea of a justice conference presented by Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council.

President Morsi called for an immediate start of preparatory work for the conference, and invited all judicial bodies to meetings at the Presidency, as of Tuesday 30 April, in order to prepare for the justice conference under his own chairmanship.

He expressed confidence that this conference will discuss all obstacles to achieving justice, and prepare draft laws for the judiciary and its various agencies.

The heads of Egyptian judicial bodies expressed sincere thanks for President Morsi’s respect for the judiciary, and his clear determination to take appropriate measures, as well as his promise to personally adopt all the conclusions and bills agreed upon by Egypt’s top judges.

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