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FJP Calls for Development of Sinai and Suez Canal Region on Sinai Liberation Anniversary
FJP Calls for Development of Sinai and Suez Canal Region on Sinai Liberation Anniversary
To celebrate Sinai Liberation Day, April 25 – a national holiday in Egypt that marks Israel's final military withdrawal from the peninsula in 1982 – President Morsi’s FJP calls for significant development of Sinai and Suez area.
Wednesday, April 24,2013 23:06

In a press statement, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) congratulated the great Egyptian people, the valiant armed forces, and the proud people of Sinai on the anniversary of regaining the peninsula, pledging to complete the process of giving generously to help the homeland and the people achieve progress and prosperity.

The FJP paid tribute to all the martyrs who were killed on the land of Sinai in order to achieve this victory, who enabled ​​Egypt to celebrate this day every year.

The FJP further called on all citizens, in the democratic transition phase Egypt is going through now, to work in order to complete the construction of new modern Egypt, and to rally around Egypt's national projects, including the development of Sinai and the Suez Canal area.

In its statement, the FJP said, "These projects will help us make the historic achievement once considered impossible, and there it is now being delivered by the hands of patriotic Egyptians, who are making history with their marvelous efforts, their blood and sweat, living the real meaning of sacrifice and giving for the homeland, generation after generation."

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