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FJP’s Ibrahim: Demanding Dismissal of Industrious Ministers Oversteps Popular Will
FJP’s Ibrahim: Demanding Dismissal of Industrious Ministers Oversteps Popular Will
So-called National Salvation Front changes its mind once again and decides not to join forthcoming parliamentary elections in Egypt, stipulating that certain (dedicated and conscientious) ministers are first sacked in a special cabinet reshuffle to please.
Wednesday, April 24,2013 14:03

Hussein Ibrahim, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), refused National Salvation Front (NSF) talk about the dismissal of some ministers as a precondition for them to contest upcoming legislative elections.

Earlier, the NSF set three demands, including the appointment of a new ‘neutral’ government to oversee the elections, including the dismissal of the Minister of Supply and the Youth Minister, who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a press statement, Ibrahim said: "I pay a special tribute to Dr. Bassem Ouda, Egypt’s Supply Minister, who achieved within a few months what ousted Mubarak’s governments failed to achieve in long decades.

"Dr. Ouda’s achievements are felt by the worker and the clerk, the farmer and the housewife, and all low-income households. Those who call for his dismissal do not take into consideration the interests of all these, because they were never aware of them in the first place."

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