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Saleh: Elections, Political Rights Laws Close Loopholes; Constitutional Court Decision Binding
Saleh: Elections, Political Rights Laws Close Loopholes; Constitutional Court Decision Binding
Egypt lawmakers assure new House of Representatives and Political Practice Rights close all potential loopholes.
Friday, April 5,2013 07:57

MP Sobhi Saleh, member of the Shura Council's Legislative Committee, said that to reassure the community and to boost stability of state institutions, the House of Representatives election and the political rights draft laws have been fully revised to avoid legal loopholes.

In a statement, Saleh pointed that the law on political rights comprises 68 articles; while the law of the House of Representatives election has 40 articles. He added that all articles related to legislative institutions are unchanged.

"Both bills will be sent to the Constitutional Court to make its observations, if any. Then, the laws will be amended according to Court recommendations. The laws will be sent back to the Court, once again, if necessary.

"A ban has been proposed to prevent use of ideological and/or religious slogans in elections campaigns. Article 6 of the Constitution prohibits campaigning activities that may cause division or discrimination among citizens on grounds of religion, sex or language."

Saleh further said, "Article 10 of the elections law indicates that Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Commission for Elections (SJCE) is responsible for setting the electoral process’ controls and rules. If those are violated, the SJCE may ask the Supreme Administrative Court to cross out the candidate, taking him or her out of the race, and may also deprive the offending candidate from running for a full legislative term".



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