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Prosecutors Hear 274 Muslim Brotherhood Victims in Moqattam Brutal Attacks
Prosecutors Hear 274 Muslim Brotherhood Victims in Moqattam Brutal Attacks
Egypt’s Prosecution Service starts hearings and investigations into latest wave of barbaric attacks on citizens and public and private property, in which hundreds of Brotherhood members and supporters were lynched, injured, kidnapped and tortured.
Wednesday, March 27,2013 12:06

Egypt’s Public Prosecution Service (PPS) began investigation of an official complaint filed by Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, accusing certain political figures, parties, and paid thugs of involvement in the Moqattam tragic events, last Friday, that left hundreds wounded, some very seriously, after provocateurs attacked and wounded (with knives and other bladed weapons), tortured, abducted, and besieged citizens inside mosques and buildings.

Abdel-Maksoud said, "The PPS has scheduled sessions in which to hear statements of 274 Brotherhood members who had been tortured, injured, kidnapped, and burned with Molotov fire-bombs in the so called ‘Mount Battle’ last Friday".

Regarding the names of individuals accused in the legal complaint, Abdel-Maksoud said: "The Muslim Brotherhood has accused 169 people, including heads of political parties, politicians and thugs.

"We made our accusations in an official complaint, before the Egyptian PPS. We did not and will not accuse or slander suspects through the media. Rumors or ‘reports’ about certain figures fleeing, leaving the country or going into hiding has nothing to do with the Brotherhood. The investigation is in the hands of the PPS. We never announced names of the accused."

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