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Mahmoud Hussein: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Media City Siege; Will Not Be Dragged to Violence
Mahmoud Hussein: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Media City Siege; Will Not Be Dragged to Violence
Egypt Brotherhood leader Hussein condemns all protests that halt production or disrupt private or public life.
Tuesday, March 26,2013 05:29

 Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General, reiterated the group’s refusal to participate in the siege of Cairo’s Media City, condemning any demonstration that uses violence, disrupts traffic or halts production.

Dr. Hussein pointed that, "Certain hostile media deliberately turned the facts upside down, and claimed the Brotherhood started clashes in Moqattam Friday, beating demonstrators indiscriminately. The Brotherhood only defended its headquarters without transgression, without getting drawn into violence. It has the inherent and inalienable right to protect its property against brutal thugs and criminals.

"Anger, fury and pain now raging in the hearts of Muslim Brotherhood youths and elders are caused by provocateurs who viciously attack our supporters, write the dirties insults and draw the most obscene graffiti on the walls of the group’s headquarters, and persistently attack, vandalize and torch its offices, all while haters and hostile media devote themselves to falsify facts and vilify the Brotherhood, completely abandoning professional standards and codes of honor.

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