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Rached Ghannouchi: Islamists Care about Women; Tunisia on Path of National Reconciliation
Rached Ghannouchi: Islamists Care about Women; Tunisia on Path of National Reconciliation
Tunisian Annahda party leader Ghannouchi assures that his country is taking concrete steps on democratic transformation and national harmony.
Monday, March 11,2013 15:12

 Rached Ghannouchi, Tunisian Annahda Movement leader, underlined the failure of attempts to overthrow the movement and drag the country into a major disaster in order to oust the Annahda from its ruling position.

Ghannouchi said that Annahda took Tunis out of the precarious transitional phase, and that it is in the process of preparing the country for further democratic benefits, the first of which is national reconciliation, which be effective only after those responsible for corruption, misconduct and abuse in recent decades are held to account.

In his speech, commemorating with Annahda Movement the International Women's Day, Ghannouchi spoke of the suffering Annahda women experienced at the hands of the former regime, and the sacrifices they made, standing firm with their husbands, brothers and sons. He affirmed that Islam was the first to honor women and give them rights, well before any other nation in the world.

Ghannouchi urged Islamists to invest in and build on those rights for the benefit of the homeland and the Muslim nation at large.

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