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Freedom and Justice Party Respects Elections Committee Decision to Suspend Vote
Freedom and Justice Party Respects Elections Committee Decision to Suspend Vote
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, affirms it will abide by the elections panel’s ruling to temporarily halt legislative poll.
Friday, March 8,2013 07:17

 Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Commission for Elections (SJCE) announced it is to postpone the start of the application period for parliamentary poll candidates, accepting the decision of the administrative court to cancel the President's decree calling the election. It will await the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court following a final revision of the amended elections law.

Speaking for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Dr. Essam El-Erian, the party’s Vice-Chairman, said: "We will abide by this decision. We affirm our respect for all judicial rulings.

"Shura Council (upper house of Egypt’s parliament) is invited to consider the verdict. The Council's General Committee is holding a meeting to discuss the merits of the ruling and how to deal with it."

Regarding the impact of the administrative court ruling on the political arena, Dr. Erian said: "As we approach the end of the transitional phase, we are keen on the participation of all political parties in the electoral process, to gain the trust of the Egyptian people. Certain parties have suggested amendments to the election law. This is their natural right.

"I can only underline the importance of positive participation – by both the country’s political parties and the people – in the coming elections, the presence of real guarantees for the integrity and transparency of the vote, election oversight by civil society organizations and the media, as well as full judicial supervision of the electoral process."

Dr. Erian stressed the party’s resolve for all legislation to be created in accordance with the provisions of the new constitution and the interest of the Egyptian people, and for all State authorities to work harmoniously in order to guarantee elections transparency, to complete rebuilding State institutions and to march forth in a truly democratic life.

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