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Yasser Mehrez: Elections Are Legitimate Mechanism of Change
Yasser Mehrez: Elections Are Legitimate Mechanism of Change
Stressing that elections are the democratic gateway to achieving change, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Mehrez affirms that National Salvation Front demands and conditions are totally absurd.
Saturday, February 23,2013 22:41

Dr. Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, stressed that elections are the only mechanisms of legitimate change in a democracy, that the street-mob approach will not effect any real change, and that the Egyptian people do not wish to see streets crowded and blocked every day.

Dr. Mehrez added that forthcoming parliamentary elections constitute the most significant democratic step towards fully achieving the objectives of the January 25 revolution, will produce real representatives of the people, and will lead to the formation of a strong government that will realize the hopes and dreams and aspirations of the Egyptian people.

"Everybody has reservations about the performance of the current government. But we need to complete the election of the House of Representatives for a strong government resulting from a strong parliament.

"Demands made by the Salvation Front – such as rushing to form a new government to guarantee the integrity of the elections and the dismissal of the new Public Prosecutor – are most absurd. The real guarantee of integrity of the elections is the Egyptian people themselves, with their full awareness and constant defense of their rights."

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