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Heshmat: Salvation Front Bears Responsibility for Egypt Bloodshed and Chaos
Heshmat: Salvation Front Bears Responsibility for Egypt Bloodshed and Chaos
Witnesses affirm involvement of members of the opposition coalition called the National Salvation Front in arson attacks on Muslim Brotherhood offices across Egypt, as Front leaders seem to reject dialogue, demanding more action on Monday and Friday.
Monday, January 28,2013 06:21

 Dr. Gamal Heshmat, member of the Shura Council (the second chamber of Egypt’s parliament) held the National Salvation Front (NSF) responsible for what he described as "chaos and thuggery" taking place in the Egyptian street.

In a statement Sunday, Heshmat said: "The blood of Egyptians shed in recent clashes, over the past few days, is the responsibility of the NSF.

"We have specific facts that confirm the presence of some members of the NFS during the burning of Muslim Brotherhood headquarters and public facilities, and we will submit evidence to the Public Prosecutor in time."

Dr. Heshmat further accused the NFS of closing all doors of dialogue, and abandoning political tools and intentionally charging citizens against the democratically elected regime, over the past few days.

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