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Freedom and Justice Party Statement on January 25 Revolution Anniversary
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on January 25 Revolution Anniversary
Marking the 2nd anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, the Freedom and Justice Party hails the makers of the peaceful uprising, vowing to continue work for more freedom, dignity and justice.
Thursday, January 24,2013 21:18

In memory of our glorious revolution, we pay tribute to our honorable martyrs who gave their lives for our freedom and our dignity, a tribute to the great people of Egypt, who rejected injustice and proved their ability to overthrow heads of the corrupt regime, a tribute to the people who chose to keep the revolution peaceful – evidence of their civilized nature, a tribute to the brave army of Egypt, who proved that they support the choice of the people and the revolution.

The people decided to forge forward with the construction of a modern democratic State, turning to the ballot box, and electing – for the first time – a civilian president for Egypt. Thus the ruler became a worker in the employ of the people, not a guardian over them. The people also voted their approval of the first constitution written by their representatives under the custodianship of no tyrant, or occupier.

Egyptians have achieved those accomplishments amid whirlwinds that threatened to sweep the homeland to an unknown fate. Here we are preparing for the election of the new parliament, hoping it will reflect all spectrums of society and form a new government qualified to lead the nation and contribute with the elected president to the establishment of a renaissance worthy of Egypt and its people.

We believe that this homeland’s future is bright. It is blessed with great human and material resources. We also believe that the great Egyptian people can overcome all odds.

The Freedom and Justice Party and all its members have made a pledge to God to spare no effort and do everything in their power to complete the march of the Revolution. We also pledge to God to put our hands in the hands of all the loyal people of this homeland – without discrimination based on orientations or leanings – to achieve freedom, dignity and social justice.

Freedom and Justice Party – Egypt – January 24, 2013
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