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Halawani and Abdel-Salam: Legal Experts Must Closely Monitor Case of Egyptian Detainees in UAE
Halawani and Abdel-Salam: Legal Experts Must Closely Monitor Case of Egyptian Detainees in UAE
Several Egyptian professional syndicates stage protest outside the Emirates’ Cairo embassy to demand immediate release of Egyptians detained in the UAE for unknown reasons, without charges or trials.
Tuesday, January 15,2013 17:10

Dr. Ahmed Halawani, head of Egyptian teachers’ union, affirmed that the case of Egyptians detained in the UAE is purely political – not criminal, and must be dealt with on that basis.

During a sit-in staged to protest Egyptian nationals’ detention, in front of the UAE embassy in Cairo, Dr. Halawani said: "Detainees in the UAE – including Egyptian teachers – spent long years there teaching and educating generations. However, upon arrival of deposed Mubarak’s cronies in the UAE, suddenly concocted investigations started as officials discovered these Egyptian professionals were a threat to the security of their country.

"We are following up this case through the presidency and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry. All options are now open in dealing with this issue. I hope this will not negatively impact our relationship with the kind Emirati people."

Meanwhile, Dr. Gamal Abdel-Salam, Secretary-General of the Medical Association, expressed regret that he and colleagues had to stage a sit-in protest outside the embassy of an otherwise ‘friendly’ Arab state.

"I call on the National Council for Human Rights, and its Secretary-General Dr. Abdullah Ashaal, to pay special attention to this case. I also urge the National Council for Women to defend women who were interrogated in the UAE. I further call on Ambassador Mervat Tallawy to also give special attention to this issue."

Dr. Abdel-Salam pointed that professional syndicates will give efforts being made in this regard a chance to secure the release of all detainees, and affirmed that Arab Doctors Union did send a letter to the League of Arab States regarding this issue.
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