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Egypt President Decree to Appoint One-Third of 270-Member Shura Council
Egypt President Decree to Appoint One-Third of 270-Member Shura Council
President Morsi issues a Decree to approve 90 nominees for membership of Shura Council – the upper chamber of Egyptian Parliament – including 12 Coptic Christians, and a total of 75% non-Islamists.
Saturday, December 22,2012 22:37

 It is hereby announced that,

* After reviewing the Constitutional Declaration issued on February 13, 2011

* The Constitutional Declaration issued on March 30, 2011

* The Constitutional Declaration issued on August 11, 2012

* The Constitutional Declaration issued on December 8, 2012

* Law No. 120 of 1980 on the Shura Council, as amended.

The President of the Arab Republic of Egypt has decided:

Article 1

The following are appointed members of the Shura Council:

1 Al-Sayed Raafat Al-Sayed Al-Abid

2 Al-Qassabi Mahmoud Zalat

3 Ekrami Saad Ali

4 Iman Amin Kandil Mohamed

5 Ahmed Sayed Ali Sayed Al-Tamawi

6 Ahmed Gharib Mohamed Ghaafar

7 Ahmed Mohamed Abdul-Rahman

8 Ashraf Mahmoud Mohamed Badr Al-Din

9 Amir Mohamed Bassam Mohamed Youssef

10 Ayman Abdel-Halim Heyba

11 Tharwat Muhamed Anwar Nafie

12 Gabali Mohamed Gabali Abdul-Mugheeth

13 Gamal Mohamed Hamid Aaqir

14 Gamil Halim Halim Mikhail

15 Hatem Seif-Allah Mohamed Ibrahim

16 Hafez Farouk Hafez Mohamed Hussein

17 Hassan Mahmoud Abdel-Latif Al-Shafei

18 Hussein Al-Saeed Ahmed Zayed

19 Hussein Hamid Hassan

20 Khaled Abdel-Qadir Ali Ahmed Ouda

21 Khaled Fawzi Saqr

22 Rashid Salama Suleiman Ouda

23 Rami Raymond Michel Lakeh

24 Ramadan Mohamed Batteikh Radwan

25 Sameh Fawzi Hanin Abdel-Malak

26 Susie Adly Nashid Gerges

27 Sayed Abdel-Azim Mahmoud Heikel

28 Subhi Saleh Moussa

29 Sobhi Saeed Abdel-Motaal

30 Safwat Ahmed Abdel-Ghani

31 Salah Abdul-Maaboud Fayed Al-Sayed

32 Tarek Abdel-Moneim Yahya Hassan

33 Tarek Mohamed Ahmad Al-Mahdi

34 Tarek Youssef Mohamed Koreitem

35 Talaat Hassan Muaaz Romeih

36 Adel Abdel-Maksoud Afifi

37 Adel Mahmoud Mohamed Al-Morsi

38 Atef Abdel-Raouf Awad Al-Sayed

39 Abbas Abdel-Aziz Abbas

40 Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Hafiz Ahmed Barakat

41 Abdul-Hadi Ahmed Abdul-Hadi Al-Qassabi

42 Abdel-Dayem Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Naseer

43 Abdul-Rahman Ahmed Hassan Haridi

44 Abdul-Qadir Abdul-Wahab Abdul-Qadir

45 Abdel-Moneim Hassan Al-Tunsi

46 Essam El-Din Mohamed Hussein El-Erian

47 Essam Mohamed Shibl Mohamed Morsi

48 Ali Freig Rashid Salam

49 Ali Ali Hubaysh

50 Amr Ahmed Helmi Ali

51 Amr Farouk Mohamed Farid

52 Awad Saeed Rahouma

53 Freddie Safwat Naguib

54 Fadeya Salim Abdullah

55 Kamal Ahmed Ahmed Amer

56 Kamal Suleiman Bishara Shenouda

57 Leila Sami Mohamed Al-Labani

58 Magid Ragheb Al-Hilou

59 Magid Naguib Aqqad

60 Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel-Aziz Abu-Souad

61 Mohamed Ahmed Youssef Mohamed

62 Mohamed Osama Hamid Al-Kholi

63 Mohamed Al-Sayed Hanafi Qasim

64 Mohamed Al-Saghir Abdel-Rahim Mohamed

65 Mohamed Badawi Al-Sayed Dessouqi

66 Mohamed Gamal Ahmed Heshmat

67 Mohamed Gamal Osman Gibril

68 Mohamed Khairy Abdel-Dayem

69 Mohamed Ragab Ismail Auf

70 Mohamed Abdul-Samad Muhanna

71 Mohamed Abdel-Latif Talaat Qasim

72 Mohamed Ali Awad Ali

73 Mohamed Omran Abdel-Meguid Raslan

74 Mohamed Farouk Mohamed Abdul-Meguid

75 Mohamed Fahmi Tolba

76 Mohamed Mohamed Abdel-Rahman

77 Mohamed Mohieddin Mohamed Osman

78 Ibrahim Yousry Mohamed

79 Mohamed Youssef Mohamed Moemin

80 Mahmoud Awad Ghoneim Salem

81 Mamdouh Ramzi Athanasius Moussa

82 Mona Makram Ebeid

83 Nadia Henry Bishara Gerges

84 Nabil Azmi Wassif

85 Nasr Farid Mohamed Wassel

86 Noha Mohamed Osman Mohamed

87 Nelly Emile Fam Jacob

88 Hisham Ahmed Hanafi Al-Qadi

89 Hisham Moussead Al-Haroni

90 Yahya Mohamed Abul-Hassan Ibrahim

Article 2

This decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect from the date of issuance.

The Presidency of the Republic of Egypt on December 20, 2012

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