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Erian: Media Deliberately Ignores Favorable Constitution Facts
Erian: Media Deliberately Ignores Favorable Constitution Facts
The Article – in Egypt’s new national charter – on rights of Copts remained as representatives of the Church wanted, despite their absence from final sessions, just one of many facts deliberately ignored by Mubarak-loyalist media.
Thursday, December 6,2012 09:36

 Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that Egypt will go forward with sure steady steps.

Erian pointed that there are facts about the new draft constitution which are being deliberately overlooked by dubious media outlets. He stressed that the Constituent Assembly (CA) was formed at Wafd Party headquarters with a broad national consensus, and that all CA members participated in the formulation of the draft constitution and their signatures are still in the CA register.

Erian further stressed that none of the amends agreed among CA members were reversed after some failed to attend final sessions. He pointed that Article 3 – which safeguards Christians’ full rights in referring to their own religious strictures – remained as agreed earlier, despite the failure of representatives of the church to attend final sessions.

The FJP’s Vice-Chairman also assured that the objectionable article relating to women’s rights has been left out of the new charter.

“The final result is a consensual constitution. The failure of some members to participate in final sessions does not undermine the required consensus, because unanimous agreement is neither achievable nor absolutely essential.

"Certain people who despised the people and the revolution over the past months are now endeavoring to impose a ‘presidential council’ or three leaders instead of one president. Those must respect and obey the will of the people, accept the results of the forthcoming referendum, and build and expand their electoral bases. Meanwhile, their right to peaceful protest is guaranteed."

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